How to DIY Install Underfloor Insulation in Your Home

Watch the step by step DIY installation video or click here to download the Bradford Optimo DIY installation instructions

Before you start

  • Switch off power at the fuse box
  • Measure your floor joint spaces. Usually they will be 450mm spaces or 600mm spaces.
  • For 450mm centres use 415mm wide batts
  • For 600mm centres use 565mm wide batts

 What safety precautions should I take to install Optimo?

  • It is recommended that all the packs required for the job be taken to the sub-floor area. Start fitting the insulation from the furthest point from the sub-floor access.
  • We recommend that the power be turned off the home at the fuse box before starting underfloor insulation installation, and that you place a warning tag on the fuse box to prevent the power being switched on until the installation is completed.
  • Care needs to be taken to ensure any electrical cables or fixtures are not disturbed. If electrical cables or plumbing pipes run along the length of the floor joist, the Optimo strap can be fixed to the SIDE of the joist and an “L shape” formed at 90° so as to avoid contact with wiring or pipework. If electrical wiring are covered by insulation partially or completely it may overheat. If in doubt please seek advice from a licenced electrician.
  • Care needs to be taken not to block ventilation openings at the side of the house.
  • For comfort long sleeve shirts should be worn along with gloves, goggles and approved dust masks.