We offer a range of specially designed Bradford insulation products for use in commercial building applications. Bradford commercial products include insulation for roofs and walls, High Volume Air Conditioning (HVAC) exterior/interior ducts, fire protection, pipes and industrial ventilation.

Roofing Blanket

Bradford offers a range of roofing blankets to meet your project requirements. Bradford blanket insulation is suitable as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and condensation control for roofing applications. They may also be used for other thermal applications such as wall or underslab insulation. 

Acoustic Insulation

SoundScreen™ is Australia's most trusted acoustic insulation because of its proven performance. Builders large and small know that wall systems that incorporate SoundScreen will deliver on the fundamental requirement to screen sound out.

The Bradford Roof Spacer System raises the roof sheet above the purlin, creating a defined space between the safety mesh and the roof sheet for the insulation.

Fire Protection

Bradford Fireseal Party Wall Batts is an insulation material specially formulated to provide fire protection. The product has remarkable resistance to shrinkage at temperatures encountered in fire conditions.

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